Anuttama Wellness Pvt. Ltd. is a Nalagarh based pharmaceutical company whose goal is to contribute to the health care sector by providing high quality medicines and support to the masses. It is a contract manufacturing concern, desiring to emerge as an integrated solution provider for companies seeking specific development and business goals. Our expertise is in soft gelatin capsules and are completely open to customization : be it in the product or in the production process. As a newly incepted company, Anuttama Wellness is entering into the market with the motto to serve man kind.


Our objective is to become a transnational manufacturing facility in soft gelatin capsules through the development and introduction of a wide range of product portfolio.

We want to inspire consumer confidence in our product by ensuring utmost quality.

We further want to improve and enhance production efficiency by finding out ways to reduce costs, add value and turn our production into a competitive advantage.

We aim to dedicate ourselves for humanity’s quest for longer, healthier, happier lives through innovation in medicines.


We have a strong belief in a performance-oriented culture. Our employees are rewarded, recruited and given opportunities purely based on their merit.

Entrepreneurial culture is all about envisioning opportunities and capitalizing on them. This we believe, will pave the way to innovation. Creativity on the other hand, is a pivotal element of our culture and is part and parcel of daily routine of our every worker.

In our organization, we aim to showcase continuous and conscious efforts to recognize excellence in performance through various programmes implemented across the company.


The mission of the company is to be a pharmaceutical company helping to enhance health care sector by providing quality products.

We shall aim to provide total customer satisfaction and achieve leadership through excellence in technology and procedures.


At Anuttama Wellness, we strive to make a mark with our presence in the healthcare sphere both locally and internationally by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment.

By the turn of the next decade, we shall be amongst the most admired companies in India.


Marketing Strategy of Anuttama Wellness



Anuttama Wellness aims to provide trusted medicines that help people lead healthier lives. The company shares passion for quality that goes way beyond business and statutory requirements.

Our working standards are based on the principle that the key to stay ahead in competition is ‘Quality’. The company believes that the product will rule the market only when it conforms to the quality requirement of the customer – first time and every time, meeting world-class standards. There are separate clean room partitions in our production area. In addition to this there has been arrangements for separate “QA” ,“QC” labs. Our encapsulation machine( Cube Entertainment Inc, South Korea) ensures utmost quality and great efficiency.

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